Corona Protection: Here's What You Can Do

Corona Protection: Here's What You Can Do

We’re all doing it at the moment, trying everything we can to protect ourselves and others from corona virus. What active steps can you take to prevent infection with corona virus as far as possible? In this blog, we give you three practical tips against the spread of Covid-19. Very relevant for retailers, pharmacists, drugstores and bakeries and also for people self-isolating at home who want to avoid contact with the delivery person.

Tip 1: Shield your counter or checkout with corona plexiglass

Supermarkets, pharmacies, greengrocers and doctors’ waiting rooms: these are all places where people come and go. Protect your employees and customers against infection with corona virus by shielding your cash registers with plexiglass. In our range, you will find ready-made screens to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. We offer our transparent shielding in two sizes: 60 cm wide x 80 cm high and 120 cm x 80cm high. It’s quick and easy to fix these screens to pedestals. Our acrylic hanging screens are very useful for supermarkets. Their main advantages of acrylic sheet are that it’s twice as light and 30 times as strong as standard glass. This type of plastic is also easy to clean and disinfect with alcohol or Burnus anti-static cleaner.

Tip 2: Make a parcel drop box from HPL

Now that many people are having to work from home and probably have their groceries delivered more often, this outdoor parcel box made from HPL is highly recommended. HPL sheet material is very suitable for the purpose because it retains almost no dirt, making it the perfect choice for food deliveries. If you want to avoid physical contact with your delivery person to prevent the spread of corona, request them to place the order in the HPL package box. In the DIY: Parcel drop box, we explain how to make it yourself. An ideal activity you can do in the garden now that most events have been shut down. And if the corona misery is over soon? You can still use this functional storage box as an outdoor toy box or as a storage box for your garden cushions.

Tip 3: Use HPL panels for a more hygienic environment

Because hygiene is now more important than ever, we recommend that you cover counters and counters with HPL sheets. As indicated above, HPL does not retain dirt, making it a very suitable material for hygienic environments such as hospitals, pharmacies and schools.

Ordering hygienic materials

In our range, you will find various durable plastics with hygienic properties, including HPL and acrylic sheet. HPL is deservedly very popular in environments where hygiene is key, such as the food industry and in hospitals and laboratories. HPL and Plexiglass are also very suitable for smaller applications, such as a splashback or worktop, particularly now that hygiene is so important. We will saw all the sheet material to size for you free of charge and shop as soon as possible.

Buy Plexiglass corona

Whether you want to make a plastic anti-corona virus screen yourself or prefer to buy a ready-made protective counter screen, we can supply everything you need. We aim to produce and ship your order within 24 hours.


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